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10/19/18/Frost/ Carts are good

Some welcome news!  Frost!  Thats it for the growing season for turfgrass!  We will mow out the fairways, approaches and tees once more to clean them up for the winter.  The green surrounds and rough will be cleaned up as well.

Lately we have been focusing our time on leaf clean up around the clubhouse and out on the course.  Its a never ending battle but we always end up on the winning side.

Carts are finally available. However, carts are not allowed on the 8th hole or down by 9 white tee. Still too wet for carts and these areas may be closed for the season.
Please skip this hole and play the forward tees on the 9th.

Next week looks cold but dry.  The soil is firm enough for the the weight of the topdresser so next week we will start applying sand to the greens.  Reducing thatch in the greens is a deterrent to winter damage.

If any of my loyal readers have questions about your home lawn please feel free to contact me.  Im happy to have a phone conversation or make a site visit as a p…

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