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Calling it a day

As I took a final spin around the property last Friday I started to feel good again.  The property is actually starting to look like a golf course.  Last week we were able to start maintaining the property in a somewhat "normal" fashion. We have mowed the tees and approaches for the final time.  We were able to mow rough on the property with the exception of the 8th.  I hope to mow the rough for one final time on the 8th hole this week.  Also, this week we will finally mow out the fairways. They have finally firmed up enough to mow without damaging the playing surface.

We are putting the greens to bed this week.  The constant rain we endured the last six weeks postponed our September greens aeration.  This week the greens are dry enough to perform a disruptive cultural practice.  We will perform a deep vertical mowing to remove as much thatch as possible.

Thatch removal is a key component of healthy greens.  Fertilizers, soil/water percolation, and fungicides all perform bet…

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