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Insurance Policy

I strive to describe our maintenance procedures in easily understandable analogies.  I do this for purely selfish reasons.  Its easier for me to write my blog and its easier for members reading to grasp some very technical turfgrass concepts.  One of the most difficult concepts to describe in accurate detail is the life cycle of the Annual Bluegrass Weevil(ABW). Suffice it to say it is the most difficult insect to control of cool season turfgrass.

The ABW host is the Poa annua plant.  We have varying populations of Poa annua present in our greens, tees, and fairways.  I suspect that we may have some Annual Bluegrass larvae damage in our greens.  The larvae chew on the Poa annua  roots and once the integrity of the roots are compromised the plant cannot withstand high daytime temperatures. Our preventative ABW program or "insurance policy" is full coverage on the greens.  However, if the timing of program is off by a few days this can lead to turfgrass loss.  I hypothesize th…

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