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Game time decision

I lightly topdressing greens today.  We are expecting heavy rains later today and into tonight.  So this is a perfect opportunity to get some sand on the greens.  The heavy rains will help beat the sand into the canopy.  We will have to mow with our dull blades AKA "dirt units" for a day or two.  Once the greens are fairly sand free we will switch over to our sharp cutting units. Lightly topdressing greens helps mitigate thatch and provides a smoother and better ball roll.  All in all they should be a bit quicker for all our major tournaments in the next two weeks.

Here the fourth green is lightly topdressed.

We use a cocoa mat to drag it into the canopy.  One pass across the sand and it virtually disappears.

This is the finished product.  I expect the heavy rains later will make most of the sand disappear quickly so i can switch over to my sharp cutting units.  They might not putt as well for a day or two but you should see a noticeable improvement by this weekend.

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