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Course Open 11/9

The course will be open tomorrow for walkers.  The course will remain open until the extended forecast dictates that we close for the season.   The course is still too soft in areas to allow carts so they will be unavailable for the remainder of season.

Course conditions are pretty poor.  The bunkers are unplayable.  We have not mowed any of the playing surfaces since October 27th.  The soils have been too soft for our equipment to mow greens, tees, or fairways.  At this time we have winterized our tractors and the playing surfaces are rather unkempt.

Allowing the grass to get a little "shaggy" provides extra protection as we he head into winter.  The larger leaf surface is able to capture more sunlight which is synthesized into carbohydrates.  The stored energy provides protection to the plant to withstand low oxygen conditions when it is under snow and ice.  This is a very good strategy as we head into the winter months.

The staff and I will be on campus until next week.  …

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