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Full Swing

The golf course is in really great shape right now.  The greens are completely healed over from aeration last month.  I hope to apply a light application of sand to the greens in the next few weeks to smooth out any aeration imperfections.  Lately ive been able to roll the greens with a little more frequency which translates to a better ball roll.

The forward tees are out even though you may not notice them at first.  I have placed green discs on the tees and in the fairways.  The forward tees are located down the middle in close proximity to the yardage on the score card on fairways 1,7,8, and 9.

Golf course etiquette is part and parcel of the game.  Please rake your traps, fix your ballmark and one other. Thank you to the members that have been shagging their own balls on the first fairway.  Ill see you out in the fairways!

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