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Litchfield Country Club was designed by a Scotsman by the name of R.D. Pyrde. He coached the golf team at Yale, designed and patented golf clubs, and designed courses in Connecticut and Massachusetts. He made a significant impact on the game of golf in Connecticut and is enshrined in the Connecticut CSGA Hall of Fame.

Invariably he routed the course around some of the majestic elms that were on the course at that time. This photo dates back to the 1930s.

99% of those elms eventually succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease.  One lone survivor has remained on the 2nd tee. 

Late last fall I noticed that the main leader was hanging a bit lower than it had in past.  I inspected it this spring and the leader has dropped even more. 

The elm was inspected by Keith Cudworth of WMF.  The elm has been slowly rotting for the last 25 years and he recommended that it should be removed.  He also recommended that for safety and liability reasons no one enter the roped off area.  This recommendation was conf…

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