Green Aerification 9/11

I apologize about being absent the last month with any updates.  If you played the course you are "in the know." The timely rain events this summer and cool days has resulted in great playing and growing conditions.  The only blemish thus far this year is on the 9th and 2nd fairways. There are some off color areas in some of the fairways and I believe we have some ABW damage. You can refer to a earlier blog post on our ABW control strategy.

Now that we are approaching fall we start to shift from normal maintenance procedures to soil cultivation practices. We recently finished aerating tees.  We will aerate greens the week of September 11th.  I will use small diameter coring tines on the greens so the holes should heal over faster.  Once greens are completed we will transition to fairway aerification the following week.  Aerating is a necessary evil that ensures we will have good growing conditions next season.

Golf course etiquette is part and parcel of the game.  The etiquette at times has been very poor this year.  If you are unaware of what golf course etiquette is please approach me or the golf pro. Please rake your bunkers as you exit, fix your ballmarks, and park carts a reasonable distance away from greens.  I need you help keeping the course in great shape.

If you have any questions about your home lawn please contact me via email or phone.  Now is a great time of the year for post emergent weed control, fertilization, and incorporating seed.

Its a great time of the year to play golf!  See you out in the fairways!


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