Green aeration under way

1,4,5,6 & pg are currently core aerated with 3/8 diameter tines. I expect that the greens will be cleaned up and very playable within a weeks time.

Tomorrow we will finish with the 9,7,8,2,3rd greens. We used 3/8 diameter coring tines in a tight spacing resulting in an estimated 10% surface disruption. The USGA recommends 20% putting green surface disruption a year to maintain organic matter at acceptable levels. High organic matter in the upper root zone results in soft greens and prone to diseases outbreaks.

I applied a quick release fertilizer to the greens on Wednesday and the Aeration holes are closing up fast. We were able to mow the greens yesterday afternoon with a sharp set of reels. We did not mow greens this morning but will mow them Sunday morning.

The aeration process went fairly smooth. However, we did have an unexpected irrigation break behind the 2nd green. I believe that over the last 20 years frost pushed up one section of the irrigation line. When I passed over this area with the weight of the topdresser the line split. I have fixed 90% of the break and will complete the fix next week. Please consider the area near the box as GUR and take a free drop.


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