Limiting factor

Its been a difficult stretch the last few weeks maintaining the golf course to our normal standards.  We have encountered a few unexpected obstacles.

  • Loss of a full time employee
  • Two labor intensive irrigation breaks
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Healthy,fertilized actively growing turfgrass
I have made adjustments to how the course will be managed due to our most limiting factor which is labor.

  • Greens mowed 6x a week
  • Eliminated rolling greens
  • Coolers and divot boxes have been put away for the season.
  • Removed short course markers for season.
  • Lower priority on detail work
Our main priority is staying current on our mowing responsibilities which is difficult because the grass is growing at a very active rate.  Ive never seen the grass grow so vigorously this time of the year.  Typically the grass is slowing down and very manageable in September.  I have to admit that I am hoping for a frost so the grass will slow down and we can catch up on other maintenance duties.

You may played the course two weekends ago and noticed your ball had a lie like  this in a fairway:

This was the result of some perfect growing weather and a adequate amount of granular fertilizer.  I have since sprayed the fairways with a plant growth regulator.  This will slow the growth of the plant down and we will be able to maintain it at a consistent level for the remainder of the season.

The greens are actively growing. They have been a little slower than normal because of the lack of rolling, post aerification fertilizer inputs, and no plant growth regulators.  I expect to apply a plant growth regulator to the greens this week. As the nitrogen levels decrease in the plants the greens should roll a bit quicker.

As I finish up this post it is currently 83 degrees!  This quite remarkable considering its the end of September.  Get out and enjoy it while it lasts!  See you out on the fairways!


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