Tennis Courts/Greens Aeration

The tennis courts have firmed up nicely and are ready for play!  Regretfully they are closed today and will be closed Saturday due to all the rain.  I will inspect them Sunday morning and determine if they are playable.  Please call or check AJs blog to see if the courts are open.

We have finally started to catch up on our mowing of the rough and fairways.  It has been a real struggle to maintain the grass with soft and wet soil conditions.  The grass is actively growing and we are trying our best to keep the rough and fairways playable.  This flush of growth will subside soon and we will be able to maintain the grass at an acceptable level.  Thanks for understanding!

Greens aeration is scheduled next week starting on Monday.  Please note it is also posted on the members calendar this year. We will close the green and place a temporary pin in the approach.  We will start on the 8,2,3 greens on Monday. Tuesday we will aerate 7,9,1,6 greens and finish on Wednesday.  The greens will be a little slow and bumpy for a week but will noticeably improve as they heal over.  I expect by Memorial Day they will be playing great!

Sorry for the putting inconvenience if you played yesterday! The greens were fertilized with an organic product.  It is a new product that I have never used before and the particle size was a little bigger than I expected.  This product needs to be watered in heavily and we are expecting a downpour later today.  This fertilizer also helps suppress earthworm activity so the long term benefit greatly outweighs the short term disruption.

In the very near future is a good time to plant seed in your home lawn.  Any questions please email or call me down at the barn.

After many years of trying to capture a picture of our national bird I have succeeded!  This was taken down on the 9th hole last week.

As always ill see you out on the fairways.


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