The Struggle is Real

Its been a challenge these past few weeks with all the rain! The golf course is in great shape as we head into the Memorial Day weekend.  The tees, fairways, and rough exhibit great color and density from the recent fertilizer applications and adequate rainfall.

The aeration holes on the greens are slowly healing over.  This year i tried a different recovery approach.  I applied all organic fertilizers to the greens prior to and after aerification.  Typically it takes 12-14 days for the holes to completely heal over. I feel using quick release fertilizer might be the better choice for aeration recovery.

On 5/22 will be 14 days since we aerated the 8th,2nd,3rd, and 7th greens.  So all the greens will be in good shape by the end of the week.  I expect to mow with a sharp set of reels mid week and i will lower the height of cut on the greens which will increase ball roll.  Great timing as we head into the holiday weekend!

The green expansions have been a mixed bag and we will need to stay patient on the 3rd and 5th green.  I have seeded these areas and will continue to seed these weak areas until we have a consistent stand of grass.  I anticipate it will take a couple of weeks for these areas to fill in.

It has been a real struggle this month with the rough.  The wet and soft soils has prevented us from mowing the rough on a consistent basis.  To further complicate matters the rough mower has been down for minor repairs at least once a week for the past three weeks.  This past Friday afternoon a part broke so we will behind schedule as we start this week. 

If you have any questions about your home lawn please feel free to contact me.  Now is a good time to seed and or fertilizer your lawn.  Have a great Holiday weekend and ill you out in the fairways!


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