Think Spring!

You really have to love New England weather! A few weeks ago the course was drying out and the grass was starting to break dormancy.  The pic below is from late February.

That changed quickly with back to back to back nor'easters!  Another nor'easter is currently on its way and this is a tough way to start the approaching golf season.

The golf staff started back this Monday. The staff consists of Chris, Matt, Pete, and a new hire Jeff. We are busy painting golf course accessories, preventative maintenance on equipment, organizing and cleaning the shop. The staff and I are all anxious to start spring clean up and get the course open for play. However, mother nature is once again in the drivers seat and we are all along for the ride!

Its really hard to even guess when the course might be open once all this snow does melts. We can expect that the soils will be very wet once the snow is gone. This will only hamper our efforts to clean up the course and groom it for opening day. I will update the blog in a few weeks once we start our spring clean up and try to guess when we might be opening.  Think Spring!


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