On the sidelines

The snow is slowly burning off and with any luck we will finally be snow free by Monday!

The staff and I are still on the sidelines.  We really want to be in the "game" but the snow and wet soils are keeping us in the maintenance shop.  The staff is making great progress on refurbishing all our golf course accessories. All our blades our sharp and ready to cut that first blade of grass!

Yesterday we were able to do a bit of clean up on the course. We still have a solid two weeks of spring clean up so i am hopeful that next week we can start this process where possible. The 9th green looks "normal" for this time of the year and i haven't observed any winter damage to the other greens.

The pot bunker on the 9th is getting new drainage.  We will install new perforated pipe, a bunker liner, and fresh bunker sand.  This pot bunker and the washed out 5th waste area will be treated as ground under repair once we are open. 

Regretfully 8 white tee has a brand new look.  Eversource cut down all the trees and shrubs surrounding the tee for the installation of a new pole.  The upside is that the turfgrass will receive alot more sunlight and will result in a healthier plant!

The staff and I are ready to get in the "game" but our coach Mother Nature, is keeping us on the bench.  In essence I feel it will be a few more weeks before we open for play.  Have a wonderful Easter!


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