Ice Jam

Here is a quick mid winter update:

The course flooded after the recent deluge of rain and snow melt last week.  Fortunately the flooding doesn't seem to be too bad although I did not walk the entire course.  Some water has frozen on the fairways which is not a very good scenario for fairway plant survival.  At this time we can only hope for the best and wait to see what happens when it melts.

Im sure many of you saw the ice jams throughout the state.  We had a ice jam behind the 5th green. It appears to be localized to this area and the soccer fields.

The greens were free of snow which gave me an opportunity to evaluate for winter damage. I didn't notice any areas of concern. The greens were sporting their "normal" winter hues.  This is good news because we did experience some extremely cold temperatures which can kill putting green grass. 

I have been staying busy planning two important future projects. I have been recently elected to serve as the education chairperson for the Connecticut  Association
of Golf Course Superintendents.  Presently I am working on planning next years Winter education seminar.  This past year we had a 150 attendees from NY,CT, and RI.  This is a great opportunity for me to gain experience with event planning, public speaking, and continuing professional development. 

The other project is finishing the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program(ACSP) for golf and submitting all remaining materials.  The local cub scouts have volunteered to build and install bluebird boxes. They have also volunteered do a wildlife survey as part of their environmental badge.  This will fulfill our Outreach & Education segment of the program which is the last part that needs to be submitted. 

Ill have a detailed explanation and update regarding ACSP to the blog next month after I meet with our resource advisory group.  If any members are interested in this process please contact me as I am always looking for members to get involved in some way.


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