Green Topdressing 10/16-17

The staff and I will apply a light topdressing of sand to the greens on Monday or Tuesday dependent on weather and soil conditions.  This will be followed by solid needle tines and a drag mat to work the sand into the canopy.  This will be our final topdressing of the year.

Applying sand helps protect the crown of the plant during the winter months.  Sand also improves drainage in the upper root zone, mitigates thatch, and ultimately a smoother ball roll.

We continue to mow on a frequent basis since we have had no frosts as of yet.  Please remember play is prohibited during frost.  Walking on frost will snap the plant in half and the grass will die.  Play will resume once the frosts burns off and that is typically around 930 or 10 am.  Please check with a staff member or the Golf Pro to see when it is permissible to play.

We recently removed 20 old stumps on the entire property.  We have filled most of them in and will sod them soon.

Course conditions have been inconsistent of late.  The reason is we are juggling between keeping the property clean of leaves and trying to maintain the greens, tees, fairways and rough.  At this time of year I assign a higher priority on leaf cleanup around the clubhouse and on the course than mowing the greens, tees, or fairways.  So looking ahead please expect that these playing surfaces may or may not be mowed on any given day.

Ill update this post on Monday or Tuesday with some pictures of our green topdressing procedure.  Have a great weekend and hope to see you out in the fairways!


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