Sign of the Times

Golf course etiquette is part and parcel of the game of golf.   I have installed plaques on the practice tee as a friendly reminder.

We strive to mow the first hole early in the morning as to not disrupt our members and guests during their practice time.  When balls are not picked up when the pro shop is closed it requires someone on on the green staff to shag all the balls.  Our labor resources are limited and this impedes our ability to accomplish our daily maintenance goals.

Also, my staff should not find practice balls anywhere on the golf course.  The greens staff has to stop mowing to retrieve a ball then continue mowing.  Our time is valuable and we need to meet our daily and weekly maintenance goals.  Thank you again for your cooperation!

We have installed some new yardage markers on the course.  On most holes you will notice a 200,150, and 100 yard markers.  In addition to these markers the irrigation heads have yardages to the center of the green.  These irrigation head are located in the middle of the fairways.   I have ordered yardage markers for some of the new fairway heads that are not marked.

For those of you who wish more accurate yardages the Golf Pro will be happy to sell you the appropriate GPS device.  Also available on your smart phone are free GPS golf applications.  Happy pin hunting!

High evapotranspiration rates and low rainfall is very typical for the month of July.  This is time of the year our property gets a little dry and a little brown. This month we have received 2.30 inches of rain and we have never looked better for our upcoming  Men's and Women's Member Guest tournaments.  Get out and enjoy it!

See you out in the fairways!


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