Pythagorean theorem

The participants in the Men's and Women's member guests tournaments enjoyed spectacular weather and flawless course conditions.  That was my 12th member guest tournament and the course has never looked better for this time of the year.
I had a number of members ask me how did you get the greens so hard and fast?  Well its pretty easy formula.  Its one of the few algebra formulas I remember from Ruth Keefe's class.

A*=I roll and double cut the greens everyday for a week straight. 
B*=I carefully monitor the soil moisture in the greens and apply only trace amounts of water.  
C*=Firm and fast greens
A* + B* = C*

So that's the formula and there is the answer.  Of course we also had no rain with dry and windy conditions leading up to the tournament which made it all the easier to maintain those green conditions.

Looking ahead to the month of August we will start aerating tees as time and labor allows us.  I will needle tine the greens next week as the soil needs a fresh breathe of air.  The disruption to the greens is marginal and the plant health benefits are innumerable.

The summer is going by too quick so I hope you get out to enjoy the course.  The staff and I appreciate all the kind comments regarding course conditioning.  Mother nature has been kind to us this year.

See you out in the fairways!


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