Be careful what you wish for....

If you have been reading all along you may remember my rants about wishing for a low pressure system.  I got my wish!  The low pressure system this spring has wrecked havoc on our maintenance schedule and made even the most easiest tasks more time consuming.  Weather extremes equates to more labor which is difficult with our small staff.

Wet soils in a flood plain make it nearly impossible for our heavy tractors to mow fairways, rough, and intermediate rough around the greens.  Mowing wet grass creates quite a mess which is difficult and time consuming to clean up.  The staff has been doing a wonderful job of maintaining the course during this difficult stretch.  The forecasters are finally calling for a high pressure system and warm weather starting early next week.  Summer is finally here!

What also is here are the blooming lupines on two hill.
Please do not look for your ball in this area.  This is an environmentally sensitive area for pollinators.  Our local rule is a free drop at the base of the hill. Thanks for understanding!
Last week was one of our busiest weeks of the year.  The reason for this is twofold.  Firstly, is it a a holiday week and we need to accomplish all our duties in a four day week.  Secondly, it is also the time when the Annual Bluegrass Weevil(ABW) is at its most vulnerable stage in its life cycle and needs to be suppressed.
All low cut playing surfaces were treated for control of the first generation of ABW.  Regretfully there are multiple generations of ABW during the summer and controlling the first wave is critical to a healthy stand of grass.  Throughout the summer I constantly monitor our playing surfaces for signs of the weevil and make decisions if additional treatments are necessary based on number of weevil present per square foot of turfgrass.  ABW is the most difficult to control and most destructive pest of low cut grass on golf courses. 
May is our busiest month of the year with the annual flush of turfgrass growth, greens aeration, spring projects, spring fertilization and applying plant protectants.  Thankfully the month of May is in the rear view mirror and we can all look forward to nice summer weather!
Now we will settle into our course maintenance schedule which I will explain in the next post.  Get out and enjoy the course its in great shape!


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